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Get Involved
Here at BCI, we encourage all of our students to get involved! We offer a variety of clubs and athletics so there's something for everyone!

BCI Secondary Clubs & Activities - 2017-2018

Activity / Club                                                    Teacher Contact

Arts Club (Media Arts, Photography, Visual Art, Music)    Mr. D. Hunter

Choir                                                             Mrs. J. Quick

Computer Club                                               Mr. M. Smith

Concert Band                                                 Mrs. S. Pattingale-Jones

Drama Club                                                   Mrs. R. McMullen, Ms E. Hart

Grad Club                                                      Mr. D. Hunter

Guitar Club                                  Mr. D. Hunter

Law Day Competition                                      Mr. S. Craig

Math Club                                                      Mr. J. Wright

Math Team – Grade 9 (Pascal)                         Mr. J. Wright

Math Team – Grade 10 (Cayley)                       Mr. J. Wright

Math Team – Grade 11 (Fermat)                      Mr. J. Wright

Math Team – Grade 12 (Euclid)                        Mr. J. Wright

OSAID                                                            Mr. S. Craig

Rambassadors                                                Ms S. Lewis

Rams United                                                   Mr. S. Craig

Reach for the Top – Junior                               Mrs. T. Campbell

Reach for the Top – Senior                               Mrs. J. Gardiner  

Science Fair – Rideau St. Lawrence                   Mr. P. Atkinson

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)                   Mr. D. Hunter

Stage & Lighting Crew                                      Ms. S. Lewis

Stage Band                                                     Mrs. S. Pattingale-Jones

Student Council                                               Mr. D. Hunter, Mrs. R. McMullen

Writers’ Club                                                   Mrs. E. Hunter, Mrs. D. Turner

Yearbook                                                        Mr. D. Hunter


BCI Secondary Sports Teams
Team                                                                                                Coaches

Badminton – Junior                                        Mr. C. Murdock   

Badminton – Senior                                       Ms J. Dixie
Basketball – Junior Boys                                cc Mr. J. Vickery, Mr. M. Tait

Basketball – Senior Boys                               Mr. T. Bell

Basketball – Junior Girls                   Mr. L. Smith

Cheerleading                                                Ms S. Lewis

Cross Country                                              Mr. M. Tait
Football - Varsity                             Mr. T. Bell

Golf                                                             Mrs. C. Donovan

Rowing                                                        Mrs. J. Henry

Rugby – Boys                                               Mr. P. Atkinson

Rugby – Girls                                               Mr. P. Atkinson

Soccer – Varsity Girls                                    Mr. J. Wright

Soccer – Varsity Boys                                    Mr. J. Wright

Track & Field                                                 Mrs. C. Donovan 

Volleyball – Junior Boys                                 Mr. M. Smith

Volleyball – Senior Boys                                Ms J. Dixie

Volleyball – Junior Girls                                 Ms J. Jacobs

Volleyball – Senior Girls                                Ms J. Dixie


BCI Intermediate Clubs & Activities - 2017-2018

Activity / Club                                                    Teacher Contact

Arts Club                                                     Mr. D. Hunter

Math Club                                                    Mrs C. May

Musical Productions                                      Mr. K. Gallant, Ms M. Stanton

OSAID                                                        Mrs. C. Steele

Play                                                            Mr. K. Gallant, Mrs. M. Stanton,
                                                                  Mr. J. Rockburne, Mrs. B. Mitton

Student Council                                           Ms B. Mitton

WEB                                                           Mr. B. McAllister, Mrs. J. Klatt


BCI Intermediate Sports Teams

Team                                                            Coaches

Badminton                                        Mr. J. Rockburne, Mr. S. Moore

Basketball – Boys                              Mr. S. Moore, Mr. T. Bell 

Basketball – Girls                              Mrs. A. Wright

Cross Country                                   Mr. B. McAllister, Mr. C. Nash,  Mr. M. Tait

Hockey                                             Mr. B. McAllister

Soccer – Girls                                    Ms L. Thurler, Mr. J. Wright

Soccer – Boys                                    Mr. S. Moore

Three Pitch - Boys                              Mr. J. Rockburne

Three Pitch - Girls                               Mrs. A. Kruize

Track & Field                                      Mr. S. Moore, Ms L. Thurler, 
                                                         Mr. J. Rockburne, Mr. B. McAllister

Volleyball – Boys                                Mr. J. Rockburne

Volleyball – Girls                                 Ms L. Thurler, Ms B. Mitton

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