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BCI Alumni

BCI Hall of Excellence

The Hall of Excellence honours BCI graduates who have accomplished much and who have set an example for current BCI students. Each inductee receives a plaque, which is hung in the student lounge outside the gym in BCI’s Hall of Excellence. During the ceremony, which is held in conjunction with the presentation of Faculty Awards to junior students, each inductee is recognized and provided with a painting of BCI. Painted by a former BCI teacher, Ms Lawton, the painting can only be acquired by being inducted into BCI’s Hall of Excellence.

Past inductees have been honoured for their accomplishments and contributions in the fields of agriculture, the arts, athletics, business, community service, education, finance, humanitarian aid, law, media, medicine, military service, sciences, theatre and writing.

Nominations for future inductees are welcome from members of the community.

The Inductees (Graduation year from BCI, Field of Accomplishment)


ROBIN JOHNSTON (1995, Business Administration)
SHANNON MORRISON (1986, Sports Physiotherapy)
DR. JOHN SOUTHIN (1957, Education, Community Service)


KEVIN BEATTY (1995, Athletics)
STEPHEN KINES (1986, International Law)
DR. TERRANCE RUMMERY (1957, Engineering)


DAVE CAMPBELL (1975, Sports Medicine)
PETER N. LAMMENS, MD (1983, Medical Doctor)
CLARENCE MARSHALL (1942, Businessman/Community Service)


JOHN BRACKEN (1898, Federal and Provincial Politician)
MARY FRYER (1948, Educator/Writer)
GEORGE SMITH (1948, Businessman/Mayor)


A EPHRAIM DIAMOND (1939, Real Estate Developer/Humanitarian)
CYRIL M. LEEDER (1978, Sports Manager)
JOHN W. McDOUGALL, MD, CM, CFFP (1931, Medical Doctor)


JOHN R. ARMITAGE, P. ENG (1967, Rower/Coach/Businessman)
DOUGLAS GRANT (High School Educator)
GRANT AND JOE HUDSON (1943, Agri-Businessman/Philanthropist)
JAMES WADDINGTON, PhD (1959, Physics Professor/Researcher)


TOM DAILEY (1936, Military Pilot/Community Service)
PAUL S. FRITZ, PhD, PROFESSOR EMERITUS (1957, History Professor/Author)
MICHAEL HEALEY (1981, Playwright/Actor)
REVEREND DAN NOONAN, D.F.C. (1939, Military Pilot/Minister)
ANDY STEWART (1987, Professional Baseball Player)


JAMES ATKINSON (1948, Chemist/Advocate for the Deaf)
DAVID E. BEATTY (1969, Businessman/Community Leader/Philanthropist)
CHRISTOPHER W. COYEA (1979, Opera Singer)
BETTY CRAIG-EATON (1975, Olympic Rower)
BARBARA HAMILTON (1947, Theatre Actor and Producer)
VERA M. LAWSON (nee Stewart) (1919, Advocate for Chinese Immigrants)
LT.-COL. THAIN W MACDOWELL VC, DSO (1911, Military Service)
C. DOUGLAS MARSHALL (1956, Rower/National Coach/Insurance)
G. ALEXANDER PATTERSON MD (1968, Thoracic Surgeon/Researcher)
DAVID SHAW (1979, Humanitarian)
PATRICK J. SHEAHAN (1976, University Football Coach)
WILLIAM R. WATSON (1983, International Banker)

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